privacy policy

Kaikoan Co. (our company) will protect decree and the rules regarding the protection of personal information.

The personal information that our company will collect is personal name, address, and information that. Can identify a specific individual.
(It will include informations which can identify them by easily collating with other information)

About collection of personal information

Our company will collect following personal informations.

Ordering goods



Inquiries about requesting materials

Apply for a job or part-time job

Our company will use the personal information for the following purpose

To check and deliver goods that has been purchased.

To check and deliver goods that has been purchased.

To check and reply to inquiry.

To check and inquire to guests.

To provide the best service for guests.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Personal informations that our company collected will not be disclosed in principle except for the following situation.

When there is a a customer’s agreement after specifying the disclosure destination and disclosure content.

When payment is required to purchase the product.

When we ask the product delivery company to deliver the pruduct.

When we deliver lost and found items of guests.

When we received a formal request under the law from public institutions such as courts and polisce.

Management and protection of personal information

The personal information that our company collected will be managed papery and work to prevent loss, damage, tampering, leakage, etc.

Disclosure, correction, deletion of personal infomation

We will strive to keep personal informations accurate and up-to-date.

Please contact the information desk by customers themselves for the disclosure and the cancellation of personal information.

To prevent the personal information leaked to third parties, we will only correspond only of the request can be confirmed to be by the customer themselfs.

About revision of personal information protection policy

Our company will review and revise as appropriate the privacy policy (personal information protection policy).

We will promptly post revised privacy policy on the website.