About Kaikoan

“Takizawa Bakin”, a Gesaku author in the Edo Period said “There are 3 good things in Kyoto”

It is said that they are “Kamo river, shrines, Kyoto women”

However, modern Kyoto should add “Kyoumachiya” to them


As precious Machiyas has been disappearing gradually from the town, we thought that

Kyoto will become less like Kyoto as it was before

We started the Machiya stay not just from the meaning of saving Machiya, but to let customers

At home and abroad experience good old era’s Machiya and traditional culture


Kaikoan is not just available for Machiya stay, but also available for tea party and the gathering for the hobby

We will respond to the consultation of all building reservation and short term (1-3 months) stay