Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

We observe laws about the protection of personal information.
The informations that we collect is name, birth, addresses and other informations which can identify persons.

Collect personal information

We collect personal information in these cases.
* Order/Reservations
* Inquiry

Usage of personal infomation

We use your informations in these situations.
* To mail confirmation about products or services.
* To respond to your inqiries.
* To inform customers special events or campaigns
* To infrom customers informations about products and services.
* To analysis about inproving products and services.
* To serve customers individual services.

About personal information to a third person

The indivisual informations we collect from you are basicaly nondisclosure except for these cases.
* When we need transactions.
* When we request delivery company.

About personal information protection

We try hard to prevent your informations from lost, destroy, defacing, fraudulent access, compromise .

disclosure, correction, delete of personal informations

We try hard to manage your informations collectly and in the newest way.
Also, please ask us directry about Information Privacy Statement
To prevent the leak of individual information to third parties, we respond only when the demand is from the customer yourself.

About revision of personal information protection

We revise privacy policy appropriately.
We post revised privacy policy immedialty on the website.

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